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Box 2, Site 12, Rural Road #2

403 710 5079

A home is a personal statement, speaking volumes about both the builder and buyer. At Arbus Homes, we start with choice home sites, in some of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods. On these lots we build homes as distinctive as the hopes and dreams of those who come to live in them.
Arbus Homes founder Mark Lawson oversees each project, from the plans on the drafting table to the final finishing touches. His years in the business have given him unique hands-on insight into the full scope of building trades. As a veteran builder and a lifelong Calgarian, Mark takes a personal pride in his homes, as well as his city. That personal pride, craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail translates into a rewarding experience for the homebuyer, and years of enjoyment in a home to truly call their own.


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Continued strong consumer demand driving Calgary housing market.

Jason Sweet


CALGARY - Although additional resale housing inventory is expected to hit the Calgary market in the spring, a new real estate report says it will be absorbed by strong consumer demand.

The report by Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, released Tuesday, said the outlook for Calgary’s real estate market is positive based on key economic indicators and demand is being “driven by low interest rates, tight rental and resale real estate markets and strong economic fundamentals.”

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Inner City Living

Jason Sweet

Source: by Kelsey Hipkin on FEB 2, 2013

From its borders to its centre, Calgary’s inner city is home to some of the city’s most storied historical sites and bustling neighbourhoods; and is continually sought out by an eclectic group of homeowners and renters alike.

Bankview resident Vanessa Vegter loves the fact her community is both affordable and conveniently located near 17th Avenue and several city bus routes.

“I was always under the impression that in the city of suburban sprawl, there were two options: live in a shoebox or stretch your legs miles away. Location or a real home,” she said. “Bankview is proof you can have it all. I live in a house, a real house, with a backyard and garage.

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